AI Bing is coming to chat up your Windows 11

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As expected, Microsoft brings the powerful and somewhat controversial AI-capable bing in Windows 11 and puts it in directly your Tap bar.

The update comes today (28. February), but if you have no access to AI yet Bing (Maybe you are still on a waiting list) You won't see it.

For those who have access and run at least Windows 11 version 22H2 on one of the best Windows PCs Bing Chatbot has been running for almost a month in almost a million people.

AI-capable bing is designed as a search engine copilot. You can use the new bing in the standard search fashion or in a conversative mode in which you ask the chatbot something, even a number of questions that remain in context, and if everything goes well, help you to achieve better answers.

Now this experience in the central and very popular search box from Windows 11 will live in the taskbar.

While Microsoft in the blog post in which the update has been announced refers to some of the inspiring information discovery stories of the AI-operated Bing, the decision is to be introduced on a platform used by millions of people.

Since its introduction at a surprise event a few weeks ago, users have brought the AI-capable bing to the limits. It was accused of building things, having cheated tic-tac-toe and basically walking off the rails. Microsoft reacted by using some guardrails for the new technology, z. B. limiting the limitation of interactions to five answers at the same time.

None of this has slowed Microsoft's expansion plans. Only last week Microsoft presented the mobile version of AI-capable Bing, which contains voice interaction.

Ai Bing is coming to chat up your windows 11 Windows

Microsoft will in a way secure his bets here by introducing AI-capable Bing in Windows 11.

Nevertheless, this is a significant expansion of the AI-capable bing availability, and the roadmap is clear. After all, this chatt search will be part of all Windows 11 installations, which means that your learning could grow exponentially. It could also mean.

Together with the AI-capable Bing-Tasken update, Microsoft finally brings a telephone link to iOS devices.

For years, Microsoft has been offering a direct Windows connection to the best Samsung phones via telephone connections to enable the browser handover, and the possibility of sending texts and other notifications from the phone from the Windows screen.

This Windows 11 -update finally adds iPhones support, so Windows users can display news and notifications from their iPhones on their Windows 11 -PCs and synchronization contacts. You can even manage phone calls via your PC.

Ai Bing is coming to chat up your windows 11 Windows

In contrast to the bing update, this is still only available as a preview for Windows Insiders, a beta-release program for which you can register here (opens in a new tab). Remember that the execution of unpublished software with your share of risks is created, including data loss in the event of a system crash.

There are a number of other remarkable Windows 11 updates in today's page fully published, including:

• The possibility of adjusting Windows studio effects directly from the taskbar in fast settings.

• A taskbar with a film when using Windows 11 in tablet mode. A blow from below on the screen brings the taskbar back into sight.

• The possibility of opening quick support from the aid menu to maintain and deliver technical support. You can even switch between screen share mode and the complete remote control of change your Or the system of another (provided that they trust, who they work with).

• Finally, Microsoft adds a screen recording to the snipping tool that has traditionally been used to record screen images. We would like to see.

As we have already mentioned, this Major Windows 11 update is today (28. February) and while most updates are available to everyone, the AI-capable Bing is only displayed if you are already part of the Bing preview program.

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