Download Mercurial Tones – Premium Artist Diva Preset Pack

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  • Editor: Mercury
  • Product: Premium artist Diva Preset Pack
  • Format: Diva Preset
  • Requirements: U-He Diva version: 1.4 or higher

mercury Töne-premium-künstler diva preset pack ist ein inspiratendes set von techno- und hausvoreinstellungen für u-he diva, das sounds von Berühmten techno- und hausproduzente und tunde laboles enhält.

Download Mercurial Tones - Premium Artist Diva Preset Pack Download

The goal from the start was to create a Diva PRESE pack that uses the warm analog sound of the Diva maximum limit values, and the creation of an ultimately analogous "bread and butter" preset pack. We did our best to uncover any nuance that could be used to get the professional sound that the modern techno and house artists used.

The result of a strong work of more than 250 hours of investment was a unrivaled library with techno and caretaker propaganda, with which you will bring your professional techno sound closer to your professional techno sound.

The preset package is also bundled with MIDI files that are assigned to every preset to understand how experts use the individual defaults. Melodies and chord progress come from famous artists or labels.

The Premium artist Diva Preset Pack contains more than 100 default settings, Midis and loops, contains the Diva Preset Pack Patches This will inspire you to create and teach you to design better sounds.

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