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  • Comprehensive mobile forensic solution
  • Advantages
  • Unique functionality
  • iCloud access with or without Apple -ID password
  • 50 times faster than competitors

With the complete mobile forensic kit, customers of law enforcement, corporate and government customers can acquire and analyze the content of a variety of mobile devices. The KIT allows experts to carry out the physical, logical and easy takeover of smartphones and tablets, to break mobile security key words and to decipher in encrypted backups, to look at and analyze information stored on mobile devices. Compared to the separate purchase of tools, the mobile forensic kit offers a discount of 30%that comprises the bundle and offers the best value on the market. Based on internal tests and customer feedback, mobile forensic tools are among the best on the market and often offer unique functions that are simply not available elsewhere.

Comprehensive mobile forensic solution

Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle contains a number of tools to acquire and analyze evidence of a number of mobile platforms.

  • Physical and logical acquisition of iOS devices
    Extract evidence from 64-bit ISO devices with or without jailbreak. Low-level extraction and key bunder acquisition on jailbreak devices that is logically logical for devices without jailbreak.
  • Logical acquisition of blocked iOS devices
    Use existing blocking data sets to extract evidence from locked iOS devices without a pass code. Media files, fuses and released files can be extracted without jailbreak.
  • Still passwords for iOS system security

    Brute-Force passwords for protection encrypted iOS backups with a high-end tool. The GPU acceleration helps to achieve unprecedented performance, while accessing stored passwords of the user enables targeted attacks with custom dictionaries.
  • Receive iCloud protection, download photos and synchronized data, access iCloud passwords
    Elcomsoft offers the most comprehensive iCloud acquisition solution on the market and enables forensic access to evidence stored in the cloud with and without Apple ID password. Use cloud backups, call protocols, messages, passwords, contacts, iCloud photo library, iCloud files and much more about.
  • Google forensics

    Extract and analyze the detailed course of the user, search queries, chrome passwords and browser history, Google mail messages, contacts, photos and much more.
  • Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile and Blackberry 10 Support

    Extract evidence from devices and cloud services, restore mobile security passwords and decrypt encrypted backups.
  • Windows and Mac editions
    Most tools from which the bundle is made of.
  • Show and analyze evidence
    Use the light tool to search, search and analyze evidence. Discover deleted messages (including deleted SMS and iMessages in iOS backups), passwords that are stored in the Google account of the user, and iOS -Keychain.
  • Access to WhatsApp talks
    Extracting, decrypting and displaying WhatsApp communication stories from a variety of devices and cloud services.

The bundle contains most of the feature receach version of each product. For example, the forensic edition of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is delivered and offers all functions in the product on both the PC and on the Mac.


  • Physical, logical and regular aerial occupancy tools in a single kit
  • Complete over-the air acquisition of Google accounts with detailed location history, search queries, chrome kennel and browser history, Google mail messages, contacts, photos and much more
  • Mail messages that are accessed by Google via the proprietary Google Mail -API with a download speed of up to 3000 messages per minute
  • Complete iCloud drive support: Download all types of data that are stored in new iCloud Drive accounts
  • There are no other alternatives from third -party providers for the physical acquisition of iPhone 5S to iPhone X
  • PC and MAC OS X versions of tools for mobile recording are included
  • GPU acceleration for faster security experts
  • Physical acquisition of all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and all versions from iOS up to and including iOS 9.0.2 (Note: Jailbreak may be required)
  • Access to deleted messages (including deleted SMS and iMessages in iOS backups) with Elcomsoft Phone Viewer
  • Over-the-air acquisition of iOS devices (iCloud), Windows Phone 8/8.1/10 (Microsoft account) and Blackberry 10
  • iCloud acquisition possible without Apple -id password using binary authentication -token (including token -extraction tools for PC and Mac)
  • The iCloud acquisition supports the two-factor authentication and offers 2FA bypass when using binary authentication tokens
  • GPU acceleration: The patented technology reduces the recovery time of the labeling by a factor of 50 (up to; click on comparison diagram)
  • Entry tools create complete forensic images or extract the original file system
  • A light viewing tool is included in order to quickly access extracted data
  • Of most Fortune 500 companies, several branches of the military around the world, from foreign governments, law enforcement organizations and all major auditing companies used and trust

Unique functionality

Elcomsoft has done many innovations that made it easier to restore information from a variety of sources. Some Elcomsoft technologies are unsurpassed by the competition. The ability to carry out the physical acquisition of Apple iPhone 4S, 5 and 5C is unique on the market without alternatives ever being offered. Over-the-air acquisition of iOS devices (including data from the iCloud Drive) via the two-factor authentication and with or without Apple ID password is also clear for Elcomsoft.

Elcomsoft. Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle Mobile

The patented GPU acceleration of the company, which is applied to the breaking of passwords to protect iOS backups, is unsurpassed by competition. Elcomsoft pioneer of the asynchronous GPU acceleration, which at the same time enables several graphics cards using various brands, models and architectures (AMD and NVIDIA) in a single PC for faster and cheaper attacks.

The iCloud drive support is unique for Elcomsoft Phone Breaker. With this functionality, analysts can download all types of files that are stored in the iCloud Drive accounts of the users.

Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Tools – Demo

At this point in time, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker remains the only mobile forensic tool on the market that deals with the Apple authentication of Apple-two factor authentication instead of the Apple ID/Password combination when carrying out over-the-air -Akquisition.

Google collects enormous information from registered customers. Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer is the only forensic tool on the market that extracts information from the many available sources, analyze and put together data to present information in a human legible form.

Elcomsoft. Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle Mobile

Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle is the only product on the market that offers all possible acquisition methods (physically, logical and regular) of Apple iOS devices in a single kit.

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