eScan Internet Security Suite v22 | Cyber Vaccine Edition

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  • Real -time protection
  • Optimized performance
  • Powerful anti-ransomware
  • Two-factor authentication

Real -time protection

Escan offers a sophisticated layer of real -time protection to prevent possible spreading of malicious programs. It constantly monitors the system for malware, spyware, ransomware and various other threats. It recognizes and limits malicious threats to access the system and uses personal data. Escans real-time protection has the potential to keep cyber threats away by continuously monitoring online activities.

Optimized performance

Escan is equipped with advanced safety technologies for reducing the memory and the hard disk that are used, which ultimately minimizes the CPU overhead. This in turn improves the speed and performance of the computer, which makes the regular tasks quickly and safely. In addition, the scan time is minimized with the cache technology without the system causing a delay.

Powerful anti-ransomware

Escans effective anti-ransomware. The intelligent backup mechanism of intelligent shadows is triggered during every eventualities. This helps users to protect their decisive data and to overcome the wicking of ransomware attacks.

New V22x, 10 users, 1 year, Escan Internet Security

Two-factor authentication

Escan Offers an additional protective layer for the registration process, which authenticated and prevents criminals to access the computer and the personal data. This offers an additional safety step as cyberthieves require more than one username and

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