TOP 10 BEST Driver Updater FREE For Windows PC in 2023

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  • #1) Driverfix
  • #2) Driver update
  • #3) Drivermax
  • #4) Driver Easy Easy
  • #5) Driver genius
  • #6) Ashampoo Triver Updater
  • #7) AVG driver -updater
  • #8) Iobit Driver Booster
  • #9) Advanced Triver Updater
  • #10) System mechanic
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What is the driver -update software?

A device Driver updater is software that enables communication between the hardware of your PC and the operating system. However, these drivers can occasionally be faulty or out of date. As a result, you need the software for drivers update to renew your PC system drivers and to run again like new.

These programs automatically check the driver version and carry out background updates. You can avoid the inconvenience and the time-consuming process of manual updating drivers by using such updater programs.

The top functions of the best free driver update for Windows PC are listed below.

  1. Driverfix
  2. Driver updater
  3. Drivermax
  4. Simply driver
  5. Driver genius
  6. Ashampoo Triver Updater
  7. AVG driver updater
  8. Iobit Draver Booster
  9. Advanced Triver Updater
  10. System mechanic

5 best drivers update for Windows in 2023, which can try free

#1) Driverfix

Driverfix User-friendly software updates Windows driver by clicking on a mouse. This program can help you find problematic drivers quickly on your computer.

Compatible with: Windows

Official website: Driverfix

Key Features:

  • This simplifies the process of updating and downloading new drivers.
  • As a fuse you can create a copy of the current drive.
  • You can use it to improve your computer performance.
  • This program can repair hardware problems.
  • It serves over 500.000 drivers.

#2) Driver update

Outbye Driver updater, Free software update tool automatically checks your device for outdated, damaged or missing drivers. You have access to a driver database with over 5 million entries.

Compatible with: Windows

Official website: driver updater

Key Features:

  • Help you get the latest and stable drivers.
  • The driver database in the program contains verified real drivers.
  • You can set Windows so that you can check for driver updates every five minutes after boots.
  • You can choose a backup drive if you want to keep a copy of the current drive.
  • Examine the options that users have to improve the PC power.

#3) Drivermax

Drivermax is a program that automatically updates the drivers. With this driver update program you can install Windows components such as DirectX, OpenGL, C ++ Runtime, Java, Oracle and others.

Compatible with: Windows

Official website: Drivermax

Key Features:

  • Download different drivers.
  • It is compatible with the latest Windows versions.
  • In this way you can scan for outdated or problematic device drivers.
  • You can use this driver update to find all good and bad drivers.
  • In this way you can secure your system drivers before updating them.

#4) Driver Easy Easy

Simply driver is another popular program for identifying and updating outdated drivers. There is a validated driver download available. It helps with PC scans for outdated drivers, even if no internet connection is available. As soon as the computer is online, you can use this free driver update program to update the drivers.

Compatible with: Windows

Official website: driver easy

Key Features:

  • In this way you can find and install all the device drivers you need.
  • It can help you to restore hardware drivers, to restore and delete.
  • This driver update downloads one of the best available driver scanners.
  • And install software updates directly.
  • It is one of the best available drivers update programs.
  • And can export your updated drivers to a file.

#5) Driver genius

Driver genius is a driver update who updates more than just drivers. In addition to displaying hardware information, this driver update utility transmits the data that optimize the system and remove garbage files.

Compatible with: Windows

Official website: driver genius

Key Features:

  • Remove outdated and ineffective files.
  • The system strengthens the system.
  • It has a large collection of drivers that cover almost all computer accessories.
  • Several optimization measures ensure that your machine is always in excellent order.
  • Before making changes, the driver's backup option is provided.
  • It is one of the best drivers updating tool in Windows 10 and helps.
  • You can easily create a system recovery point.

#6) Ashampoo Triver Updater

Ashampoo is another driver update who helps to dissolve problems with outdated drivers. You can search for the latest driver versions on manufacturer's website or in relevant databases to keep your system up to date.

Compatible with: Windows

Official website: Ashampoo

Key Features:

  • It's easy to judge and use.
  • To fix hardware problems and to improve the system performance.
  • It offers driver updates with a single click.
  • Graphics drivers can be updated and repaired.
  • With the support of improving the game performance.
  • Create restoring points after each update.
  • Look for drivers on the product website automatically.
  • In this way you can improve the performance of your system.

#7) AVG driver -updater

AVG driver updater Makes the drivers to scan and update. This software automatically scans the computer on outdated, missing or damaged software updates and repairs it. You can select real drivers from over 100 main manufacturers.

Compatible with: Windows

Official website: AVG driver -updater

Key Features:

  • It is one of the best drivers update programs, and its simple installation process reduces hardware problems.
  • It has several most modern functions that are suitable for electricity users.
  • In the background it is constantly looking for outdated PC drivers.
  • It can be used to fix uncomfortable computers, crashes, connection problems as well as mouse and printer problems.

#8) Iobit Driver Booster

Driver booster is a powerful tool for downloading device drivers with which players can improve their gaming experience. It offers priority updates for gaming hardware and drivers to improve the gaming experience.

Compatible with: Windows

Official website: driver Booster

Key Features:

  • Update an external device
  • It automatically searches for outdated drivers.
  • In order to speed up the start of the system, a disc defragmenter is made available.
  • It is one of the best drivers update programs and inclusive.
  • A game reinforcement function to improve your gaming experience.
  • Download driver files when it is convenient for you.

#9) Advanced Triver Updater

Extended driver update is the ideal solution because it has a large database of Windows devices drivers -updates. It has the option to update automatically.

Compatible with: Windows

Official website: Advanced driver -update

Key Features:

  • Incompatibility drivers should be avoided.
  • Regular visits lead to updates.
  • Backups can be full or partially.
  • It contrasts the latest and earlier driver versions.
  • One of the best drivers update programs with which you can adapt.
  • This is the standard location for downloading updates.

#10) System mechanic

System mechanic, This offers a variety of functions such as PC optimization, permanently the sensitive course of the browser, the restoration of files and many others is one of the best tools for driver updates. You can use one of the best free drivers updates to accidentally restore deleted documents, music, pictures and other files.

Suitable for: Windows

Official website: system mechanic

 Key Features:

  • It is one of the most effective programs for drivers -update for removing junk files.
  • As well as sensitive browser data from your entire hard drive.
  • There is excellent performance, privacy and security.
  • Hard discs, broadband access, memory and processors are accelerated.
  • It can restore emails from known email clients and data from a variety of other sources.
  • Other devices are cameras, memory cards, USBs and others.


Drivers who are outdated or corrupt. You need one of the best available drivers update applications to ensure that your drivers always appear at its peak. Here are some frequently asked drive questions.

What is the purpose of a driver updater??

The drivers let their computer work simply to put it. Drivers are the smallest software components or collections of files that instruct hardware and devices for interaction with the operating system. Your computer does not work without a driver.

How do I know if my drivers have to be updated?

Top 10 Best Driver Updater Free for Windows PC in 2023 Updater

If your computer suddenly freezes, crashes make strange noises or have bad graphics, use one of the top apps from the driver update apps from the list above to check for outdated drivers. A driver is included in every hardware piece. The drivers serve as a connection between the operating system of your device and its hardware, which contains the graphics card, the Wi-Fi chip, the motherboard and the CPU. Things could quickly fall apart if the drivers are not updated.

Which drivers should I update regularly??

The critical drivers that your computer needs every day. Network drivers, Windows drivers, audio drivers and graphics drivers belong to you. These four types of drivers support most of the critical functions of your computer, z. B. The operating system, the internet connection as well as the audio and visual performance.

However, why make the trouble of simply updating these drivers??

When using an automated driver update application such as AVG driver update, you do not have to select and select. You can immediately download the latest versions of drivers from all best -known hardware manufacturers.

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